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Selling your real estate property whether it is your home, investment property, land, farm & ranch or commercial building, can be challenging.  We are here to help guide you through the process. 

Red Oak Realty understands your need to get top dollar. We are an industry seasoned, highly motivated company with the ability to promote and negotiate any property. 

There are a few specific questions that need to be answered before moving forward.  When we can determine the answers, then we are ready to move forward.  The questions are:

  • Why are you selling? (Upsizing? Downsizing? Job relocation?, Etc.)
  • Is there currently a mortgage on your property?
    • Is there a minimum sale price for your property?
  • Is there a certain time-frame we need to work within?

The following are some helpful tips to guide us through the selling process:


Let us walk your property together.  We need to tour the property so as to know all the benefits/amenities offered to a potential buyer. Did you add a tank-less water heater, new roof, foam insulation, etc.?  For land, is there a tank(s), water well(s), water meter(s), fencing, etc.?

 If there are necessary repairs, we will provide you a list of licensed professionals to fix/correct any issues such as leaking faucets, holes in walls, painting, etc.

What’s the curb appeal like for your property?  Sometimes fresh paint or a little bit of landscaping can make a huge difference.  However, be careful not to over-improve the property.  Spending large amounts of money and then trying to recoup that money may cause you to overprice the house above the current market value.   


Come by our office and let’s take a virtual tour of available properties in your property’s market area and see what has sold in the last couple of years.  This will help us target a starting list price and is a great way for you to see pictures of other properties that have previously sold.  It will also give you ideas on what improvements you may need or want to make. 


Location, condition, average list price, timing and financing terms available for your property. Is your property in good condition?  Are you willing to owner finance?  Remember every buyer is looking for a good deal and is always checking other listed houses on the market.  As well, their agents are checking current sold prices to see where the average sold price is at. 

Market price is just that…a price that is set by the market.  It is what previous willing buyers and willing sellers are willing to agree upon. 


Now we have found an agreeable list price for your home.  It’s time to sign a listing agreement with Red Oak Realty.  Once you have signed, we need to be sure your property is clear of clutter and ready for us to take pictures.  Less is always more so the Buyer can actually see what you are selling.  Too much clutter may give the idea you are hiding something.  And remember tip 1, be sure any possible repairs or updates have been completed so that the best possible image may be presented of your property.


Be ready for Buyers to walk through your home at any given moment (sometimes with very little notice). A CLEAN HOME IS VERY IMPORTANT. In warmer weather you may want to adjust your thermostat a little cooler so they are comfortable and vice versa during cooler weather. The more flexible you are with showing times the better.  It will up the number of Buyers viewing your property and quicken the chances of receiving an offer. 

Most Buyers are impatient at times and ready to view at a moment’s notice.  We do ask they make an appointment, but sometimes that’s not always the case.  Never stay in the property during a showing. The Buyer may be uncomfortable and may feel the need to hurry through the viewing. 


As stated before, buyers are looking for a good deal.  We always hope every offer is a great one, but realistically, that is not the case. 

Don’t let low or even extremely low offers discourage you.  Both sides want the greatest value and you must be willing to negotiate. 

These tips will help make your listing experience with Red Oak Realty a memorable one.  As with any transactions there can be “bumps” in the road, however, with our team of well educated, highly experienced sales associates, we will make the process as smooth and stress free as possible. 

If you are selling then you are most likely buying and we can help guide you to your next home or property seamlessly.  Check out our Buyer’s Tips page for more information. 

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